Our new corporate website

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Welcome to our new website with improved features and functionality. We hope that you find the design intuitive and easy to navigate. Packed with new material, the website consolidates resources from our legacy websites www.nhsla.nhs.uk and www.ncas.nhs.uk. We have reviewed what is available to ensure resources are accurate and up to date, retained regularly accessed materials, and archived old collateral. By refining what we provide, it should make it easier to finding what’s really important to you.

You may still access historical records on the National Archive of the NHS Litigation Authority or National Clinical Assessment Service.

Developing a new website was critical as we needed to merge our legacy sites and hadn’t undertaken any development in over six years. It is very timely as it also allows us to reflect both our rebrand to NHS Resolution, as our previous name the NHS Litigation Authority no longer described the range of work we carry out or the services we provide. We also took the opportunity to rename of our core services. Names which are clear, descriptive and representative of what we actually do and to further reinforce that we deliver these services within a strategic framework.

We provide the following core services to our customers:

• Claims Management delivers expertise in handling both clinical and non-clinical claims to members of our indemnity schemes.

• Practitioner Performance Advice (formerly the National Clinical Assessment Service) provides advice, support and interventions in relation to concerns about the performance of doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

• Primary Care Appeals (formerly the Family Health Services Appeal Unit) offers an impartial tribunal service for the fair handling of primary care contracting disputes.

Our aim has been to make the site fresh and clean, improving the layout and mobile responsiveness, to ensure we’re user-friendly, engaging and provide ready access to resource materials. We welcome your feedback and please do let us know if you spot anything that doesn’t appear right or needs adjustment via communications@resolution.nhs.uk