Changes to Practitioner Performance Advice assessments

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When organisations have concerns about individual doctors, dentists or pharmacists, our assessment service can help to clarify and understand their performance and to provide a sound basis upon which to bring the case towards a resolution. We have recently carried out a review of our assessment service in order to ensure that we continue to provide an effective service that meets the needs of our users. This has involved a detailed review of our assessment tools as well as consideration of feedback from those who have used our assessment services.
The outcome of our review is that we will be offering the following:

Clinical performance assessment

  • To provide an independent view on the clinical performance of the practitioner, identifying both satisfactory practice and any areas of poor practice.
  • To provide information to assist the employing organisation in decisions about the next steps in their management of the case.
  • Using two clinical assessors and focusing on the clinical practice of the practitioner using clinical record review, direct observation of practice and case-based assessment.

Behavioural assessment (either as a standalone component or alongside a clinical performance assessment)

  • To provide an independent view on the behavioural characteristics of the practitioner, including identifying any areas which require consideration.
  • The assessment is intended to provide information to assist the employing organisation in decisions about the next steps in their management of the case.
  • Using two online psychometric questionnaires and the practitioner then attending an all-day interview with an occupational psychologist.

The assessment that we offer will be determined by the circumstances of the case and we can offer both in the same case where this will assist in advancing matters. We will not be duplicating procedures that are carried out locally. For example, occupational health assessments will not be included routinely as part of every assessment, but we will use them where appropriate. In addition, patient feedback will no longer form part of our assessments, and we are reviewing our use of multi-source feedback.

We have also changed our assessment process and have streamlined parts of the process with the aim of making our assessments quicker and less of an administrative burden for all parties.
We will be seeking feedback on an ongoing basis about these changes as part of an evaluation programme for the new assessment services.

If you would like to know more about out services, including the changes to our assessments, then please visit Advice or Assessment or contact us on 020 7811 2600 or