Improvements to our extranet

Date published:

Work has been underway to update the technology our extranet sits on, which will facilitate future improvements. For those who access the extranet, the first stage of changes are anticipated to go live in April and at this time users will be required to reset their password.

At this stage of the process the extranet will appear very similar, other than some cosmetic changes. Users will still be able to access the claims management system and the document transfer system. However, the technology that supports the extranet will be updated which will allow us to make more significant changes in the future and improve overall security.

To support the transition we are providing:

  • a frequently asked questions document; and
  • a video to show some of the main changes

We will be contacting all existing users of the extranet before the changeover to confirm the go-live date and any other pertinent information that may be of interest.

In March/April 2019, as part of our rolling programme of improvement, we will be updating our extranet to allow easier reporting of maternity incidents under our Early Notification scheme.

We are also improving our ability to capture and hold data on these incidents, as well as being able provide more detailed feedback to our maternity members. For details on how this could benefit your trust and/or queries on the proposed changes, please contact the early notification team at