Core system review update

Date published:

We are currently undertaking a review of our IT core system, extranet and digital capabilities to ensure that they are fit for purpose in the long term. This work will help us best understand what we need from our systems to support our staff in delivering our five year strategy.

An extensive discovery process has now been completed. We held 78 multi-disciplinary workshops with 109 internal and 82 external attendees.

The high level requirements have been reviewed and signed off by both internal users and our senior management team. We are now undertaking a procurement process for a technical consultancy service to review our provisional high level requirements and compare our current system against them. They will then provide potential solutions including a completely new suite of systems, upgrading our current systems and any combination in between.

• Improve the data available for policy work
• Manage, track and monitor mediations/alternative dispute resolution
• Improve claims processes and control costs.

• Use technology to collect more data
• Single dataset for expanded analysis
• Collect and analyse data at a granular level for improving safety

• Central repository for soft data collection
• Understand our interactions with our members
• Enable us to set up new offerings to our customers

• Improved interactions and services for our customers
• Workflows within the systems to reduce workarounds
• Improve data provision for internal and external use

We see the key benefits from the core system review would be:
• Reduction in time spent on administration including less manual processing
• All necessary data captured and real time reporting to improve decision making
• Full transparency of the whole case lifecycle and seamless user journeys
• Improve accessibility and identification of relevant documents
• Flexibility in the system to accommodate organisational change
• Ability to engage with stakeholders and have a 360⁰ view of our customers
• Single data set for data analysis and organisational view

We will be exploring the use of artificial intelligence as this may not only help us to maintain an alignment to the ever-evolving cyber security threats, but also underpin predictive and proactive information, reporting systems and dashboards as well as drive workflow. When combined with our extranet, these technologies could help to shape the learning and in turn, support the needs of our stakeholders.