NHS Resolution welcomes independent GMC report into doctor wellbeing

Date published:

NHS Resolution welcomes the recent GMC report, Caring for doctors, Caring for patients. This report recognises the importance of doctor wellbeing in delivering safe, high quality patient care.

Workplace stress in healthcare organisations affects care delivery and increases the risk of clinical errors. The GMC report identifies elements of good practice that trusts can adopt to address workplace wellbeing for doctors. Healthcare organisations can ensure that doctors thrive in their roles in a supportive environment by providing the right level of clinical, educational and pastoral support and supervision.

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service supports healthcare organisations to achieve this. The service provides practical, impartial advice on the effective management and resolution of concerns about the practice of individual practitioners. It supports the development of a culture of teamwork and learning to improve doctor wellbeing and deliver better patient outcomes. The GMC report is supported by our Being fair guide. This has been published to stimulate wider conversation and increase the thought and attention given to developing a just culture across the NHS.