Healthcare Professional Alert Notices

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We are responsible for the management of the Healthcare Professional Alert Notices (HPANs) system. This is a system where notices are issued by us to inform NHS bodies and others about health professionals who may pose a significant risk of harm to patients, staff or the public. HPANs are usually used whilst the regulator is considering the concerns and provides an additional safeguard during the pre-employment checking process.

In December 2019, amended Directions were issued which provided an updated framework for the management of HPANs, in order to respond to recent changes in the health and care system.

Requests to issue a HPAN
NHS organisations and other bodies providing services to the NHS, who wish to request the issue of an HPAN should notify us at using the downloadable form.

The request must be made by an Executive Board member or their authorised deputy, and must relate to a healthcare professional (or a person holding themselves out to be a healthcare professional) who poses a significant risk of harm to patients, staff or the public and may continue to work or seek additional or other work in the NHS as a healthcare professional.

When dealing with a request for an HPAN we will also consider whether the public interest in issuing an alert notice outweighs the likely adverse effect to the individual who is the subject of the notice.

Who are HPANs issued to?
Once the HPAN has been authorised, copies will be sent electronically to a distribution list which includes national and regional medical directors, chief medical officers, the relevant regulator, the organisation that requested it and the subject of the HPAN.

It may also be sent to any NHS body, or other organisation which provides services to an NHS body, which we believe may be approached by the subject of the HPAN with a view to working in the NHS.

Checking if someone is the subject of an HPAN
NHS bodies with access to (via the N3 portal) may apply for access to the Performers List and Healthcare Professional Alert Notice Web Check Service, which allows employers to check whether an individual is subject to an active HPAN. Organisations that have not registered for the Web Check Service and do not have a secure connection, who wish to check whether an individual is subject to an HPAN should contact the Practitioner Performance Advice service directly at