Customer survey 2020

Date published:

The results of our 2020 customer survey have been extremely positive, with 72 per cent of customers stating they were happy with the services we provide – another year-on-year increase overall. Some 96 per cent of Practitioner Performance Advice customers were satisfied with the service provided; up from 80 per cent in 2019.

Claims Management, Safety and Learning and Primary Care Appeals also saw improvements from last year’s results, the former standing at 81 per cent and the latter two functions both performing at 69 per cent.

As part of the survey, we took a number of key corporate indicators to measure how successfully we’d responded to customer feedback from last year, including trust, competence, fairness, reputation, how we communicate with our customers and how easy we are as an organisation to do business with. Across all seven indicators, we saw improvements in the customer experience of our services. Some of the key areas that we will be focusing on over the next few months are data security, which 87 per cent of customers identified as being of high importance to them, and introducing innovation into organisational working practices to improve outcomes for patients and deliver better value to the NHS.

We’ll also be continuing to work with customers and partners to share learning across the healthcare system quickly and help reduce the cost of claims, as well as raising awareness of NHS Resolution across a wider network of staff within NHS trusts.