Practitioner Performance Advice offers behavioural assessments remotely

Date published:

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, parts of the organisation swiftly adapted service delivery to meet the demands of the changing landscape. As part of this work, Practitioner Performance Advice is delivering behavioural assessments remotely to support organisations managing performance concerns.

We are pleased that we are now in a position to offer behavioural assessments remotely.  Practitioners will undertake the psychometric tests remotely as usual, followed by a behavioural assessment interview (in two sessions) conducted by videoconference. This not only allows work to continue, but also reduces travel.

The Assessment and Intervention team within Practitioner Performance Advice are contacting NHS employing/contracting organisations (ECOs) and practitioners to re-schedule these services which had to be paused months ago when the pandemic started.  We will explain the slightly revised format of the behavioural assessment and seek their agreement to proceed with planning the assessment.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide an independent view on the behavioural characteristics of the practitioner, including any areas which require consideration whilst providing information to assist the referring organisation in decisions about the next steps in their management of the case.

You can find further information on the process here.