Claims scorecards for 2020

Date published:

We have sent an email to all our members outlining the information contained in our claims scorecards and how they can be used to analyse the impact of recent claims for compensation. The scorecard is a unique, interactive tool in an excel format to assist members and their clinical teams with an analysis of an organisation’s clinical and non-clinical claims.

The scorecard allows the review of both clinical and non-clinical claims by type and cost, and, specifically for clinical claims to review the associated specialty/cause. We know from feedback that the scorecard has been a valuable improvement tool to enable trusts to understand their claims profile.

Scorecards are available via a dedicated page on our extranet. This ensures that each member can:

  • access only their own scorecards via their existing extranet login credentials; and
  • authorise who in their organisation may access the scorecards via the extranet.

Please check that all staff members who need access to our extranet have current passwords. We recommend that they should include, where appropriate:

  • Chief executive;
  • Director of finance;
  • Director of nursing;
  • Medical director;
  • Head of legal department; and
  • Claims team.

Members may contact our IT Helpdesk to request a new or replacement password to access the extranet, if required via: Scorecards are accessed by selecting the ‘organisation documents‘ section from the list on the left-hand side of the extranet home page.

A scorecard user-guide is available to assist anyone who is unfamiliar with using the scorecard. The guide will play automatically, with pauses where it starts a new topic or where you may require longer to read on-screen material – please use the arrow keys to navigate the guide at your own pace.