Keeping our members informed

Date published:

We are currently piloting a new approach  for collecting key contact details from our member organisations.  This is to ensure that essential communications from us reach the right people. This will enable us to share information about our services and schemes including, for example, learning from claims to help reduce the likelihood of harm and our financially driven incentive schemes to improve patient and staff safety.

We have contacted a small selection of our members initially to pilot the new system and help us refine our processes.  We plan to contact the remaining members in November – so keep an eye out for our request.

We will be asking members to confirm the name and email addresses for each of the following roles (or equivalent):

  • chair
  • chief executive
  • medical director
  • nursing director
  • finance director
  • HR director
  • responsible officer
  • communications lead
  • legal contact

To make providing these details as easy as possible, we have designed a simple online form for completion. A link to the form with access details will be provided in the email inviting you to participate. We will contact members on a regular basis from now on, in order to ask for reconfirmation of the contact information provided. All personal information will be held securely and treated confidentially in line with our ISO 27001 certification.  Please refer to details about how we collect and use personal information.