Professional Support and Remediation

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The Professional Support and Remediation team offers bespoke action plans aimed at supporting healthcare organisations and practitioners to help individual practitioners return to safe and effective practice. We provide plans for practitioners returning to work and/or re-skilling and remediation. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic our plans can be used when practitioners are either re-deployed or resuming normal practice having supported the frontline in unprecedented circumstances.

Structured action plans are developed following a review of the particular circumstances of each case, taking into account any development needs in areas such as leadership, patient or colleague interaction or other behavioural issues, in addition to supporting safe clinical performance. Patient safety is at the heart of the plans, and they can be used to support practitioners who might be returning to work after long absences to give employers assurance and employees confidence in the practitioners’ ability to practice.

We have recently reviewed the service and updated the tools and templates which are now available online, including:

  • a new guide to support the process of clinical supervision, from considerations around the appointment of a supervisor through to the completion of an action plan.
  • a behavioural agreement template, which also now includes embedded guidance and an example agreement.
  • a security plan template which can be used to make an agreement with a practitioner who has a relapsing illness.
  • a template agreement that can be used when practitioners are undertaking clinical placements away from their usual place of employment.

To speak with the team about how Professional Support and Remediation plans might work for you and your team, please contact or call our Advice line on 020 7811 2600.