Practitioner Performance Advice launches a range of digital resources

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Our Practitioner Performance Advice education service has developed a range of digital resources, including five short, informational videos detailing key aspects of the service. The videos form part of the service’s overall aim to support the healthcare system in understanding, managing and resolving performance concerns about doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

The videos are easily accessible and available on the go. A brief outline of each video is provided below, along with links to each video.

1. The Work of Practitioner Performance Advice – Watch this short video to understand the role of the Practitioner Performance Advice service at NHS Resolution.

2. Health Professional Alert Notices (HPANs) – HPANs are designed to safeguard patients from harm. Our short tutorial will teach you about their purpose, when they would be used and how you could go about requesting one.

3. Assisted Mediation – This video was developed to explain how assisted mediation works and how it can help to create mutual understanding between two parties, enabling them to find a way forward towards a more effective professional working relationship.

4.  Team Reviews – The Practitioner Performance Advice service can undertake a team review in situations where concerns relate to the functioning of a clinical team. This process helps to identify barriers to resolving the issues and can assist in developing a plan for improving professional relationships within a team.

5.  Terms of Reference – This video has been designed to assist you in writing good Terms of Reference.

Please email to find out more information about any of our services described in these digital resources.