NHS Resolution migrates to NHSmail

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Niamh McKenna, NHS Resolution’s Chief Information Officer

Niamh McKenna, NHS Resolution’s Chief Information Officer, discusses the benefits of the organisation moving to NHSmail, a key aspect of its digital transformation journey.

Working at the crossroads of the health and justice systems, NHS Resolution fulfils a unique and vital role, driving improvements in healthcare and the resolution of concerns. In our ongoing efforts to thoroughly modernise how we do this, we are currently embarking on our most ambitious digital transformation to date.

One key aspect of this journey is leveraging the shared NHS capabilities available to us. Not only to enhance our ways of working within the organisation but furthering our collaborative partnerships with colleagues across the sectors we serve.

This month marks an important step towards playing our part in creating a truly joined-up NHS, with our migration to NHSmail; the national secure collaboration platform for health and social care. This will enable us to seamlessly collaborate with other NHS organisations, access the NHS Directory and reduce friction in communication, such as the sending of secure information.

From February 9, our staff are all being allocated a new @nhs.net email address, so please do make a note of these (although the @resolution.nhs.uk email addresses will automatically forward to the new emails for at least a year).

Through reducing the burden of administration with a mail system which is functionally richer, more secure and lower cost, NHSmail will ultimately help steer NHS Resolution into the future, on our mission to improving patient safety. We hope that you will welcome this development and find it easier to communicate and collaborate with us going forward.

If you have any feedback on this project, or any of our transformation initiatives, we would be delighted to hear from you at: nhsr.collaboration.project@nhs.net