NHS Resolution strategy to 2025 published

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Maximising learning from data and working collaboratively to improve maternity outcomes are two of the priorities in NHS Resolution’s new strategy, which is published today.

‘Advise, Resolve and Learn: Our strategy to 2025’  is NHS Resolution’s blueprint from April 2022 for the next three years.

The new strategy builds on the work undertaken since 2017 to focus on early intervention, and avoid unnecessary court action and other formal processes.

The 2022-23 business plan, which is also published today, explains in detail how NHS Resolution will deliver its priorities over the next year and how the impact of its activities will be measured.

The four priority areas in the new strategy are:

  1. Deliver fair resolution – focussing our resources to avoid patients and healthcare staff having to go through formal processes that can be distressing and costly
  2. Share data and insights to improve services – sharing our unique data and insights to reduce risk and help improve the healthcare system
  3. Collaborate to improve maternity outcomes – working with others in the maternity care system to reduce neonatal harm
  4. Invest in our people and systems – building up our corporate capacity and capabilities internally to support the health and legal systems.

Accessing compensation and resolving concerns about performance doesn’t have to involve going to court or engaging in lengthy and costly adversarial processes. After welcome progress in reducing litigation against the NHS and leading a more collaborative approach to dispute resolution NHS Resolution will bring renewed focus to what works well to keep patients and healthcare staff out of court. We will also accelerate our work with those working in healthcare safety to improve outcomes for patients, with a particular focus on maternity.

Helen Vernon, NHS Resolution Chief Executive



Notes to editors

NHS Resolution’s five-year strategy, Delivering Fair Resolution and Learning from Harm, set out its strategic priorities for the 5 year period to March 2022. This was refreshed in 2019 to take into account a rapidly changing environment and an extended remit for the organisation into general practice. The new strategy ‘Advise, Resolve, Learn’ covers the upcoming three-year period to March 2025.