Launch of behavioural assessment resources

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Our Practitioner Performance Advice service has today published its latest Insights paper: Behavioural Assessments: findings from an in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis and an accompanying video which explains what a behavioural assessment involves, and the types of situations in which it can help to achieve resolution where a concern has arisen about an individual practitioner’s behaviour. The resources are primarily aimed at medical directors, senior clinical managers and HR professionals, as well as healthcare practitioners.

These resources have been created in recognition of the fact that 70% of the cases that Practitioner Performance Advice receive feature concerns relating to the behaviour or conduct of a practitioner (see our July 2022 Insights paper)

The findings on behavioural assessments, outlined in our latest Insights paper, derive from our in-depth analysis of 141 behavioural assessments undertaken over a six-year period. These findings will provide healthcare professionals and managers with an insight into the key themes emerging from our behavioural assessments.  Such insight will enable them to consider when a behavioural assessment delivered by the Practitioner Performance Advice service might assist with the resolution of behavioural concerns where they arise. Meanwhile, our video clearly outlines the behavioural assessment process and encourages the use of behavioural assessments as a powerful and positive tool to help achieve a fair resolution of concerns.

Behavioural assessments and many other specialist services delivered by Practitioner Performance Advice are provided at no cost to the employer or contracting body.

You can access other publications in our Insights series, covering a wide range of subjects, such as practitioner exclusions and bullying and harassment, and find out more about our other resources via our homepage.

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To find out more about behavioural assessments, please refer to our behavioural assessments information sheet covering remote delivery or contact us directly at: or on telephone: 020 7811 2600.