Practitioner Performance Advice launches new Insights paper on HPANs

Date published:

Our Practitioner Performance Advice service has today published its latest Insights paper: Healthcare Professional Alert Notices (HPANs): insights from nine years of managing the scheme which explains what an HPAN is, why they are issued and their importance in ensuring patient, staff and public safety. This publication is primarily aimed at medical directors, senior clinical managers, HR professionals and professional regulators.

The findings from our in-depth review of 297 requested HPANs over a nine year period will provide healthcare professionals and managers with an insight into the key themes emerging from our HPAN scheme.  In sharing this publication, the key aim is to raise awareness of HPANs and the importance of the scheme as a means to protect patient and public safety.

The management of the HPAN scheme, alongside many other specialist services delivered by Practitioner Performance Advice, is provided at no cost to the employer or contracting body.

To find out more about HPANs, please watch our video outlining the HPAN request process, or contact us directly at or via telephone: 020 7811 2600.

You can access other publications in our Insights series which cover a wide range of subjects from behavioural assessments to practitioner exclusions.

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