NHS Resolution outlines its primary care offer

Date published:

The launch of our state-backed general practice indemnity schemes in April 2019 and 2020 means that NHS Resolution offers support and insights to those working in primary care, from across all of our four service areas: Claims Management, Practitioner Performance Advice, Primary Care Appeals and Safety and Learning.

We have created a short digital brochure – Supporting primary care – which provides a clear overview of what each NHS Resolution service area offers those working in primary care. The brochure highlights the support and services provided by each area and includes contact details and some links to key materials. It is intended as a high-level introduction that signposts readers to our website and individual service teams for further information.

We have made this digital brochure available as a downloadable resource from its own Supporting primary care webpage. We will also be making it available in limited numbers at select events across the year. We encourage the dissemination of the digital brochure among those working in primary care to ensure that there is an awareness of the services (often free to the NHS) offered by our four service areas, as well as of the key resources produced by the NHS Resolution service areas to aid primary care colleagues.

For those interested in other resources we have created to assist those working in primary care, our resources webpage allows users to search all our published resources. Additionally, you may find the following resources of interest: