Publication of the first two Insights papers of 2023

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Our Practitioner Performance Advice service has published its first two Insights papers of 2023. Supporting the management of performance concerns within primary care was published on 30 March 2023 and analyses over 700 primary care advice cases received between April 2017 and March 2022. By sharing this information, we aim to raise awareness of how our Advice service can support the management of performance concerns within primary care and signpost to useful resources.

The number of primary care cases involving some element of concern about behaviour/misconduct and those including clinical concerns is fairly even, both featuring in just over 50% of our cases. To support the resolution of concerns, Practitioner Performance Advice’s assessment and remediation services are available to primary and secondary care organisations.

Professional Support and Remediation (PSR): key features of recent action plans was published on 2 February 2023 and identifies key themes and features from 74 action plans produced between April 2020 and March 2022.

Our action plans are bespoke tailored programmes of activities with objectives, designed to address the individual development needs of practitioners within their specific role and context. An action plan can help to support practitioners in a range of different situations including addressing behavioural concerns, reskilling, remediation and reintegration.

The PSR service, alongside many other specialist services delivered by Practitioner Performance Advice, is provided at no cost to the employer or contracting body. To find out more about our PSR service, please refer to our online guidance about action plans, or contact us directly via email at or call us on: 020 7811 2600.

You can access other publications in our Insights series which cover a wide range of subjects from exclusions to Healthcare Professional Alert Notices (HPANs). To find out more about our other services and resources, please visit our website.

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