Early Notification case stories

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In Advise, resolve and learn Our strategy to 2025, our second strategic priority is to share data and insights as a catalyst for improvement and our third is to collaborate to improve maternity outcomes. Aligned with these aims we have gathered together learning from our Early Notification Scheme and produced a number of case stories to help support learning from harm identified through claims.

Our case stories are illustrative and based on recurring themes from real life events. These experiences have been highlighted and shared with you, to help identify potential risks in your clinical area, promote learning and prevent fewer incidents like these occurring in the future.

We have also produced a case story guidance document which explains the various ways you can use the case stories, from individual self-directed learning to support continuous professional development to using them in a team environment. The idea is that by learning from the experience of others, maternity unit staff will be able to change their approach to care.

Read our latest Early Notification case stories:

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