NHS Resolution publishes business plan for 2023/24

Date published:

We’re pleased to announce the publication of our 2023/24 business plan. In it, we set out our focus for the next twelve months, as we enter the middle year of our three-year corporate strategy: Advise, Resolve and Learn: Our Strategy to 2025.

We will continue to focus on progressing our four strategic priorities:

Strategic priority 1: Delivering fair resolution
All of our services will focus on achieving fair and timely resolution, keeping patients and healthcare staff out of formal processes wherever possible to minimise distress and cost.

Strategic priority 2: Sharing data and insights as a catalyst for improvement
We will ensure that our unique datasets help derive usable insights that benefit patients and the healthcare and justice systems.

Strategic priority 3: Collaborating to improve maternity outcomes
We will build on our role as a system integrator in maternity, bringing together key parties to determine what further improvements can be made within our areas of expertise to support the system’s plans in the area of maternity safety.

Strategic priority 4: Investing in our people and systems to transform our business
We will develop our services to support the changing needs of the NHS by investing in our people, systems and services to continue delivering best value for public funds. This includes continuing to progress our two change programmes, the Claims Evolution Programme and the Core Systems Programme while continuing to support staff in building their expertise and skills.

In the context of an NHS experiencing acknowledged pressure and structural change, we’re focused on making our interactions with the NHS as easy as possible to aid NHS staff who are facing extreme pressures.

We also continue to remain committed to promoting compassion and fairness when addressing shortcomings within the NHS, whilst remaining dedicated to delivering savings and efficiencies to the overall system.

We thank our partners and colleagues across the NHS and health and care system and will continue to work with them to deliver solutions rapidly across the system as needed. As well as this, we will continue to build our external relationships and partnerships to drive our strategic priorities forward. Now, more than ever, our plans remain flexible so that we can respond quickly to any unforeseen requirements of our organisation.

Helen Vernon, Chief Executive, NHS Resolution