Roll-out of compassionate conversations workshops

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Our Practitioner Performance Advice Education service is delivering a new evidence-based, half-day workshop, called compassionate conversations. This workshop has been designed for multi-disciplinary audiences who are regularly involved in conversations about individual healthcare practitioners’ performance. It focuses on compassion as a crucial component of such conversations. Currently, the workshop is being piloted in five NHS organisations in the North West of England.

Co-designed and written by Professor Deborah Bowman, the workshop combines her extensive knowledge of medical ethics and compassion with our 20 years of experience of supporting organisations to manage the fair and timely resolution of performance concerns.

At the heart of this interactive workshop are three questions:

  1. What are compassionate conversations?
  2. Why do they matter?
  3. How do we have a compassionate conversation?

The compassionate conversations workshop complements other workshops in our unique educational portfolio that focusses exclusively on developing people and improving performance.

Programmes include:

To find out more about opportunities to participate in the next stage of the compassionate conversations roll-out, please contact us directly via email at call the Advice Education Team on: 020 7811 2700.

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