Case study addition to our team reviews offering

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On 12 July, our Practitioner Performance Advice service published its first team reviews case study. This study was designed to explore the team review process and explains why a team review was necessary, how the process unfolded and the outcomes. While not based on a real case, it draws on real events and lessons learnt through cases referred to us. It joins our other team reviews resources on our website. These include a 5-year team reviews retrospective study, which examines the impacts of team dysfunction, as well as our experience of what helps to enact positive change, and a video that sets out to explain team review proceedings.

What is a team review?

Team reviews are an advisory service that we have developed to aid in the resolution of concerns that relate to how members of a clinical team interact with each other. A team review can help to identify barriers to resolving issues and result in a clear plan to improving professional team relationships.

The focus of a team review is on the behaviour and relationships which may impact on how a team functions. Whilst it is not intended to assess or review clinical performance it will also reflect any relevant observations of the context and environment in which these might arise.

Benefits of a team review

  • Aid resolution of longstanding, complex and deeply rooted issues of concern within a team.
  • Provide a fair and impartial view to clarify and communicate the effects of difficulties, and explore the broader organisational context.
  • Deliver continued support to implement actions to ensure that necessary change is embedded in the team to achieve resolution of concerns.

Dedicated expert team in place to deliver team review service

In April 2023, we appointed a team of eight new associate advisers with clinical backgrounds to provide a dedicated expert resource to deliver our team review service. The associate advisers bring a broad array of knowledge and skills from across the NHS healthcare environment and will be invaluable to the running and development of the service.

How to arrange a team review

A decision on whether to offer a team review will be made by our Intervention Consideration Group (ICG), based on the individual circumstances of the case.

For full details on requesting a team review please see: Team Reviews – factors to consider in decision making.