BMJ Best Practice podcast – Diabetic foot disease with NHS Resolution Clinical Fellow, Nicole Mottolini

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In a recently released BMJ Best Practice podcast Nicole Mottolini, podiatrist and erstwhile Clinical Fellow at NHS Resolution speaks to Dr Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director at the BMJ, about safer management of diabetic foot disease and NHS Resolution’s 2022 thematic review Diabetes and lower limb complications .

As noted in the podcast, the thematic review of 92 claims concluded that standardised care and better education could prevent diabetic patients from undergoing amputations, preserve wellbeing and save the NHS money.

Reflecting on her clinical experience and the findings in the thematic review Nicole highlights that:

It’s not just the provision and style of care that is associated with resource management but Claims is another key element that can act as a lever to help drive improvements in care.

Nicole Mottolini

Our Safety and Learning service works closely with our Claims Management team to identify themes from the claims that NHS Resolution receives. The service then shares these themes and accompanying learning with the wider health system, including through themed reports and resources such as digital leaflets and videos. You can access these via our Safety and Learning resources webpage.