New Insights: Exclusion trends and evaluation of NHS Resolution resources to manage exclusions

Date published:

Our Practitioner Performance Advice service has published its latest Insights paper: Exclusion trends and evaluation of NHS Resolution resources to manage exclusions. This looks at episodes of formal exclusion in England on which advice was requested in the four year period 2019/20 to 2022/23. It also evaluates the resources we published last year to aid in the management of exclusion.

This paper builds on the work we undertook in 2022 as part of  the Government’s response to the Paterson Inquiry report, and delivers on our commitment to publish annual reports on the use of exclusion and to share learning.

Key findings

  • The use of exclusion is decreasing over time, possibly reflecting a more appropriate use of exclusion to manage risk.
  • The resources we created and shared last year, supporting the management of exclusions, have been well received and used by trusts, although there is some lack of awareness.
  • We share a real example of how an acute trust has made use of the exclusions tools and integrated them into their own processes around exclusion.

Exclusion resources

The resources we made available last year encompass the below, all of which can be accessed via our Exclusions webpage:

Why are we sharing this?

It is our aim that our resources will make decision makers working with doctors and dentists (covered by the Maintaining High Professional Standards framework) feel supported by our Practitioner Performance Advice Service to:

  • reflect on their own and their organisation’s use of exclusion;
  • seek advice and consider all risks and alternatives before taking a decision to exclude;
  • use exclusion appropriately as a mechanism for protecting patient safety;
  • thoroughly document the rationale for exclusion (including the decision not to exclude);
  • understand best practice for keeping exclusions under review; and
  • communicate with the practitioner using a customisable template to ensure all the relevant key points are included.

How we can help

Our Practitioner Performance Advice service is there to help you make the right decision for patients, the organisation and the practitioner, and we suggest you get in touch. You can contact us via:


Telephone: 020 7811 2600.