New Insights looking at Performers List suspensions

Date published:

Our Practitioner Performance Advice (Advice) service has published its latest Insights paper: Insights from five years of supporting the management of Medical and Dental Performers List suspensions which analyses 198 Performers List suspension episodes received from England and Wales in the period 2018/19 to 2022/23.

The key trends for this period are:

  • An increase in the number of suspension episode notifications we have received.
  • A decrease in the average duration of suspension episodes.
  • Most suspension notifications we received were in respect of UK-qualified practitioners.
  • Practitioners retained their inclusion on the Performers List for the majority of suspension episodes concluded in this period.
  • Over one fifth of suspensions were immediate suspensions, imposed where it was felt necessary to protect patient and public safety.

Why are we sharing this?

By sharing this information, we aim to raise awareness of the comprehensive support Advice provides to the management and resolution of concerns within primary care, with a focus on advising on Performers List management issues.

How can we help?

We encourage organisations to contact us as early as possible when considering whether a suspension might be a necessary course of action. Where a decision is made to impose a suspension, we will remain available for ongoing advice and support.

We are also happy to undertake discussions with practitioners to offer advice in these circumstances, which could involve explanation of the procedural aspects of suspensions or list management processes or to signpost to sources of support.

If you wish to seek advice, please contact our Case Advice team on 020 7811 2600 or via email at

You can access other publications in our Insights series including our recently published paper on Supporting the management of performance concerns within primary care. If you are interested in hearing more about our research and insights programme, please get in touch with us at or sign up to receive Insights by email.