Primary Care Appeals offers support to integrated care boards, including upcoming workshops

Date published:

As integrated care boards (ICBs) embed and assume primary care commissioning functions, our Primary Care Appeals service this month contacted primary care (commissioning) leads at ICBs to highlight the role that the service plays in the NHS, its relevance to the work of ICBs and the training it can offer ICBs.

In so doing, it outlined its role as the appellate body with responsibility for delivering fair resolution of appeals and applications for dispute resolution under the NHS dispute resolution procedure.  It highlighted its independence from both the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England. It referred to its longstanding expertise when interpreting and applying complex primary care regulations alongside consideration of public law issues.

Additionally, it highlighted its commitment to providing insights from its work, in order to build understanding of the provision, scope and application of relevant regulations and associated frameworks, so as to improve local decision making around primary care contracting disputes.

The sharing of insights translates in part to the running of training workshops for both ICBs and organisations representing contractors. When contacting ICBs this month, Primary Care Appeals highlighted its upcoming workshops for ICB dental commissioners, which has been extended to the BDA, on 4 December 2023 and 17 January 2024, respectively.

To find out more about Primary Care Appeals, read the Primary Care Appeals blog by Jonathan Haley, our Head of Appeals. This blog also signposts to key Primary Care Appeals resources.