Practitioner Performance Advice launches new resource aimed at clarifying its offer to organisations and practitioners

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Our Practitioner Performance Advice service recently launched a new resource, providing a clear overview of the services we provide to healthcare organisations and practitioners.

Practitioner Performance Advice has long delivered a range of core services in support of the fair management of concerns about the performance of doctors, dentists and pharmacists. These services are available to NHS organisations and other bodies in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and certain crown dependencies. Because of the way the Practitioner Performance Advice service is funded, many of the services delivered are free to NHS bodies, and practitioners can also contact the service.

To provide clarity about the services we can offer to healthcare organisations (likely medical directors, Responsible Officers, medical managers and HR staff as primary users) and practitioners, we recently created a new What we can do webpage. This sets out the parameters of the service we provide with an easily accessible overview, including separate sections dedicated to what we can offer to organisations and to practitioners.