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Data Protection and Information Governance compliance budget (FOI_6082)

The following information was requested: What is your data protection and information governance compliance budget for the financial years of 2023-2024 and 2024-2025? How much of the budget referred to in Question 1 split between internal and external support for each financial year, if applicable? …

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Contracts Register (FOI_6081)

The following information was requested: I would like to submit a request for some information from the organisation, in relation to their contract’s register. The FULL contract register should display all the organisations existing/live contracts I would like the register to display the following columns/headings: …

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Corporate Estate (FOI_6044)

The following information was requested: Please can you provide me with information concerning the maintenance of your corporate estate i.e. operational buildings, land and any other property (e.g. investment) and schools, if they are within your jurisdiction. Not any social housing/dwellings. Q1. What type of …

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