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Bladder injury claims

The following information was requested: 1. Could you please let me know the total number of successful clinical negligence claims related to bladder injuries, which were recorded in the last ten years (2011 – 2021). Please provide this information broken down by year and by …

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Fail to interpret USS

The following information was requested: I am trying to find statistics on cliams and payments of ultrasound mistakes (sonograpghers), with focus on OB/GYN. I reviewed your annual report (NHS Resolution Annual report and accounts) but didn’t find this info there. Do you have this kind …

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Factsheet 5 obstetrics

The following information was requested: Please breakdown how much the Maternity departments at the Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Board has paid out in compensation / clinical negligence for birth injuries payouts and legal fees in each of the last five years. …

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