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Orthopaedics Claims

The following information was requested:   I am just reading your 2018/19 annual report and note that orthopaedic claims accounted for 12% of claims by specialty and 4% of claims by value. Can you offer any further breakdown please in terms of average value, total …

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Limb deformity

The following information was requested: [FOLLOW UP TO FOI_3961] In relation to my request, would it be possible to limit the scope of the search, in order to bring it within the ‘appropriate limit’? Firstly, by limiting the search to a five year period (2014-2018) …

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The following information was requested on 27 December 2018: I would like to obtain the data on claims and compensation payments to patients for primary hip replacement, primary knee replacements and the total for the orthopaedic department from 2009-10 to today (or for a shorter …

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