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NHS Resolution Conference: ‘Implementing recommendations: shared insights to reduce claims in emergency medicine’

Thank you to everyone that attended our face-to-face national emergency medicine conference on Monday 9 October 2023, Implementing recommendations: shared insights to reduce claims in emergency medicine. The conference followed our highly successful maternity conference last year. We were delighted to be joined by 150 …

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Case of note: McCulloch (deceased) v. Forth Valley Health Board (Supreme Court – 12 July 2023)

Introduction This is an important ruling on consent to medical treatment by the Supreme Court, which clarifies an aspect of their landmark ruling in Montgomery v. Lanarkshire Health Board in 2015. Details Mr. McCulloch was admitted to hospital with severe chest pains on 23 March …

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Case of note: JM v. University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust (Bournemouth County Court 30 September 2022 – Judge Walsh)

Introduction This case involved the consent process for gynaecological surgery.  The claimant alleged she had been given insufficient options, as a result of which she chose total laparoscopic hysterectomy with bilateral removal of her ovaries, whereas had she been given greater choice she would not …

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Case of note: KC v. Dr. Edward Gaynor (High Court, 20 April 2023 – Judge Howells)

Introduction This claim arose from a consultation with the defendant general practitioner on 29 December 2016, at which Dr. Gaynor diagnosed a haematoma of the right groin.  In fact, the patient had an abscess which, a few days later, progressed to necrotising fasciitis necessitating amputation …

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Case of note: White (deceased) v. Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (High Court, 2 December 2022 – Jeremy Hyam KC)

Introduction Mr. White died on 8 April 2020 from mesothelioma at the age of 87.  His estate claimed that his death had been caused through wrongful exposure to asbestos dust whilst working at Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool between 1949 and 1960, when he was …

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