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Understanding and using MHPS (Maintaining High Professional Standards) effectively

This half day workshop will guide you through the complete MHPS documentation, section by section, using fictional scenarios at each stage. These will allow you to test your understanding of the process, and how it may apply in practice. The workshop will lead you through …

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Public inquiries: Planning and practical considerations for trust management teams

This is organised by Hempsons. Local NHS organisations have been told that they must start preparing for the statutory public inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic which is expected to begin in spring 2022. Any organisation can be called upon to provide evidence for the statutory …

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Mediation in NHS cases – Getting it right for the Claimant and Trust event

An online conference: • for practitioners acting on clinical negligence and personal injury claims against the NHS which aims to: • share experience and techniques to help improve claimants’ experience of mediations with NHS Resolution and • provide a total of six hours Continuing Professional …

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