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Thank you for your response to my FOI_4982 request and the resource links. I would like to ask, in reference to the response, if I could please have access to the ‘high level data’ relating to ‘The injury- Cancer’ and ‘The injury- Advanced Staged Cancer’ …

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Cervical Cancer Screening

The following information was requested: I am looking to find out information about cases involving allegations of negligence in respect of cervical cancer/screening. I would like the following information: number of cases brought per year for the last three years, number of cases settled per …

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Bone Cancer

The following information was requested:   I would like to access data on: Claims involving missed bone cancer (primary and metastatic) – year and month of the alleged misdiagnosis, status of claim (ongoing or completed), successful or unsuccessful, pay-outs including costs, type of primary bone …

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Testicular Cancer

The following information was requested: Key phrase: ‘Testicular cancer’ The details of all claims pertaining to the diagnosis and management of testicular cancer within the specialty of Urology as practiced by Urologists, General surgeons and Paediatric surgeons, from 1998 to 2018 within the UK (England, …

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Lung Cancer

The following information was requested:   Please could you provide the number and value of all claims relating to missed or misdiagnosis of lung cancer for all NHS Trusts in the East of England region for the past 8 years and a per year basis. …

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