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Case of note: ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and Others (Court of Appeal, 16 May 2017)

This was an unusual and tragic case. In 2007 ABC’s father shot and killed her mother. He was convicted of manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility and sentenced to a hospital order. Medical staff suspected that the father might be suffering from Huntington’s Disease, …

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Human Rights update

Compiled by Hempsons on our behalf, ‘Human Rights update’ is a quarterly update for Human Rights Act leads and others in our Member organisations, who use and apply human rights in their day to day work. The aim is to alert you to key cases, …

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NHS Resolution launches refreshed Professional Support and Remediation

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner performance advice service (formerly known as National Clinical Assessment Service, NCAS) launched Professional Support and Remediation (PSR) on Friday 17 March. The service will ensure that practitioners and employing and contracting organisations have access to a wide range of bespoke action plans …

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