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Wrong Site Surgery, Foreign body left in situ claims for named Trusts (FOI_6276)

The following information was requested: Please can you provide the information for the queries below, in relation Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Please can the answers be separate per Trust. 1. Please could you provide …

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The following information was requested: Could you please provide me with what you have (the dental claims in secondary care settings)? As I mentioned in my original request, this is the information I am looking for: 1- The numbers of clinical negligence claims per year …

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Vascular surgery claims

The following information was requested: I would like to request the following information in relation to vascular surgery claims in which the cause was wrong site surgery. 1.Total number of claims from 2005-2021 2.Total number of successful claims from 2005-2021 3.Total number of unsuccessful claims …

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