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Perineal Tear (FOI_5787)

The following information was requested: Please would you be able to provide data related to all claims involving obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASI; third-and fourth-degree perineal tears) between the years 2010/11 – 2021/22. Specifically, we would like the data include information on: – number of …

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Cancer (FOI_5734)

The following information was requested: The number of claims with a damages payment where the injury is cancer. Associated Costs provided. A breakdown of the cause of the above claims. A breakdown of the specialty of these claims. A breakdown by member Trusts. Regarding the …

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Dentistry (FOI_5666)

The following information was requested: We are looking to review the number of cases of complaints/litigation under speciality dental per year from 2010-2022 by incident date. We would be interested in:  The condition or procedure related to the complaint What the injury, cause code is …

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