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The following information was requested: I have previously made a request on the data related to gastro endoscopy.   I have now understood the speciality, cause and injury codes specific to my inquiry.   I would like to request the medical claims data between 2000-2020, regarding gastroenterology …

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Clinical Negligence Claim

The following information was requested:   This is an information request relating to clinical negligence claims. Please include the information for each of the following period; 2019-20. 1. The total number of clinical negligence claims which resulted in a payment in respect of clinical schemes. …

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The following information was requested: Negligence cases that involve urology- In November 2019 you kindly sent me information about the numbers, causes and costs of the urological claims that had been made from 2010. I find I am missing the data for the year 2015 …

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Clinical scheme for GPs

The following information was requested: The following requests are made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The requests are mad  in tabular form for ease and I should be grateful if your responses would, where figures are provided, be in the same tabular form. …

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