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Largest ten claims

The following information was requested: The link provided above shows a Parliamentary Written Answer in which the NHSLA provided details of the 100 largest claims under the clinical negligence scheme as at 31.3.11, taking into account damages paid and an estimate of damages …

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Removal of Testicles

The following information was requested:   1. In (i) 2019/2020 how many claims has the NHSLA paid out where the injury code has been removal of testicle and what was the total value paid out in damages for such claims? 2. Please state how many …

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Factsheet 5

The following information was requested: I have contacted NHS Trusts in order to establish current status medication errors, reasons and claims and compare to potential savings with my solution after Clinical trials. The data provided by FOI requests note different values, on claims and money …

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The following information was requested: For the last 10 years for the specialty Radiology. * Number of claims received in the relevant financial years; * Numbers settled; * Numbers with no damages paid; * Numbers currently open; * A breakdown by primary cause; * A …

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