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Wales Claims

The following information was requested: Please provide a breakdown of the number of, and value of, damages payments made in the last ten years relating to failings in maternity care at the following health boards in Wales (please see pdf. file). Where possible please provide …

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Mental Health Claims

The following information was requested: Follow up to FOI_4861 Thank you for the data you sent me. The information you sent me doesn’t tell me very much. I’d like to know more than just numbers. I don’t understand why you can’t search the word bipolar. …

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Trusts merged

The following information was requested: The information provided [in FOI_5320] says the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation paid out £70.4m between 2010-2021, but the trust only formed in 2021. Do you know which organisation the FOI covers before then? We think it should cover Western …

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