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Action plan

The following information was requested:   “I want to know how many times Practitioner Performance Advise/PSR has responded to a request from a Trust or designated body to produce an action plan for each of the years 2014-2020. This in regard to Consultants who have …

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Telephone Lines

The following information was requested:   Contract 1 1. Current Lines (Analogue, ISDN VOIP, SIP etc.) Provider- Please can you provide me with the name of the supplier for the contract. 2. Fixed Line- Contract Renewal Date- please provide day, month and year (month and …

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Average cost of Practitioner Performance Advice performance and health assessments

The following information was requested: I would like to know the average cost of PPA performance and health assessments as well as average timeframes (from when an assessment is requested to when it has been conducted). A breakdown of these figures would be useful too.

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