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Diabetes and lower limb complications: A thematic review of clinical negligence claims

Since 2013/14, there has been a growth in the volume and value of clinical negligence claims involving patients with diabetes-related lower limb complications. The majority of claims have involved patients with a diabetic foot ulcer who went on to undergo a major lower limb amputation. …

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From 1 April 2010 until 1 December 2021 NHS Resolution received 467 claims relating to extravasation injuries. Of those 467 claims, 214 have settled with damages and 112 have closed with nil damages. This has cost the National Health Service (NHS) 16 million pounds. This …

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Intermittent auscultation (IA) of the fetal heart rate in the second stage of labour

This case story is fictional but is a reflection of cases submitted to the NHS Resolution Early Notification scheme. The purpose is to share the experience of those involved to help prevent similar occurrences happening to patients, families and staff. It should prompt organisations to …

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